At Barrow Baptist Church, we are passionate about providing activities and events for young people that enable them to make great friends, grow, learn and have fun together. Our ultimate aim, underpinning everything we do, is that they would grow to find faith in Jesus and grow in relationship with Him.

Sunday Night Youth

From 7 – 8.30pm on Sundays we hold our youth group, which is for people in secondary school education. There are games, space for conversation, and a look at the Bible and other topics relevant to young people.

Sunday Morning Youth

Young people are part of the main congregation during the worship at the start of our Sunday morning services. Then they leave the main service and go to our Youth Group, which is for school years 7 to 11 and is held in the lounge, upstairs.  We have fun, get to know each other and look at what it means to live the amazing life that Jesus calls us to.

Summer Festivals

We hope in the summer to join with other Christian youth from around the country.

These events have games, cafes, activities and time to engage more with God and with each other.

Ask us about what we might do in the summer of 2024.