Lead Minister

We are praying for a positive and engaging leader who is excited by the opportunity that Barrow and Barrow Baptist Church offers.

Barrow Baptist Church is a thriving 115 member church in the growing community of Barrow upon Soar. We are situated within a short drive of Leicester and Nottingham, bordering the University town of Loughborough.

Outreach to the community is important to us and we have been blessed with a wide range of connections throughout our locality. Over the course of a typical month we welcome about 400 people of all ages through our doors.

We are looking for someone who has a passion to encourage disciples and reach out in God’s name to our community. The right person to lead us into our next season will be a team player who can use and develop the gifts and strengths of others to complement their own.

We trust that God will send the right person who will help us to shape the role in a way that allows them to thrive, helps the church to thrive, blesses others and honours God. We are ready and committed to support such a person and prayerfully await your response.

If you would like to know more or would appreciate visiting the church please do get in touch with us.

Church Report of 2018

Each year we produce an overview of the various different things that have gone on in the life of the church.

Our 2018 report may give you some insight into the sort of things we get up to. Feel free to browse and get to know a bit more about us!

Lead Minister Profile

In conversation with the church membership, we have produced a profile of the church, and some of the focuses we believe will form part of the next stage of our journey. However this is just a snapshot and we would be very interested in talking with you further about the vision of the church and how your particular giftings may add to and strengthen what we do.